How to Plan a Career?

Taking up any career is a process which needs planning and efforts. One wrong move in deciding what you would be doing throughout your life can cause you lots of regret. Therefore, making haste when taking up a profession is strict ‘no.’ You always need certain skills, qualities, and likes for deciding a career. It’s an activity which you can work for some period or for your entire life. What’s good about taking up a career is that you can plan it once or number of times depending on your performance, adapting new technology, policies, and procedures. However, ensure that you don’t have to plan it more than once. Because people who change their decisions quite often and without planning are the ones who are neither settled nor happy.

The aspects on which career planning is done are given below. You need to balance out all of them for planning a successful career. Also, these aspects may change over the period and career can be altered accordingly.

A) The choice of career:

1.Skills, likes, intellectual level


3.Family background

4.Finance options

5.Personal and peer experiences

6.Job trends

Skills, liking, intellectual level

Every individual is born with some in-built qualities. They can even develop them during their course of life. Understanding those qualities at the early stage is vital and will be of a great help in planning your career. There are several professions specific to certain qualities. For example, you may be good at public speaking, taking care of a kid, property or animals, writing scripts and stories, or playing with numbers, etc. Any one of these qualities can help you in taking a career in politics, baby-sitting, property management, script writing, and accountant. You can find out these qualities in you by self assessment which will be revealed to you eventually as you look at your school or college level achievements and feedback from friends and teachers.


Every career is full of responsibilities. Whether you are into carpentry, tailoring, managing a retail store, or providing customer service. Decide what type of responsibilities you can handle with ease. If you are the one who doesn’t mind taking up more than one responsibility, then a career in management is perfect for you. In case you don’t have a penchant for dealing with people, then a customer service profession will not suit you. Remember, there will always be challenges in any type of career you take, your skills, experience, and confidence will play a major role in dealing with them.

Family Background

It’s not hidden that a few qualities we inherit from our parents. They are there in our genes and we cannot avoid them. Let’s say your parents had a flourishing career as a musician, or they are doctors. As such, you can learn from them and take up a similar profession. Their experience will help you a lot in planning your career. In case, you are inclined towards another profession, you can speak out your mind and convince them that you are not born to do what they did and your interest lies in something else.

Finance options

It’s quite disheartening that a few careers need a good finance. Moreover, they cannot be taken in one’s country due to lack of resources or infrastructure. To get qualified for such a career, you need to take education abroad, which in turn, requires a good bank balance. If your parents don’t have it, there is no way you can go to a foreign country and have education. The government may offer you scholarship or there may be a few sponsorship programs in your home country. But accessing those benefits and making out the best out of them is up to you.

Personal and Peer experiences

You are lucky if you have friends who are seniors to you. Learning from their experiences and taking up their advice will surely help you in planning a career. You may also seek help from your relatives who are retired or still in service. Based on their experiences, you can take clues and decide what you want to become. However, use your judgment as well because a doctor may not have good experiences whereas a plumber may be content with his or her career.

Job Trends

Job trends will surely play a major role in planning a career. Since people follow trends, you may also get attracted towards them. After all, people like to flow with the water as it is the best way to survive when in deep trouble. However, before taking any decision, think how long the trend will sustain. For what is favorite today may not be the same down the line.

B) Barriers in career:

The major barriers in career are time and health. Sometimes due to a few unfaithful events in a family such as accidents may hamper your time spent on your career. Health and lack of time play important role in career growth. Even arrival of a new member in the family may take your time and thus reduce the speed of your career growth.

C) Look for the options:

You can go to the Internet and search out which roles suite you best and are as per your interest. There are various roles available in your selected career field. For example, you may plan to become a doctor , but which branch to select is up to you. You can opt to become a surgeon or a pediatrician depending on your likes and expertise level.

D) Implementation:

You may find it easy to plan for a career but it’s equally important to implement it. Take care of all the barriers and plan for frequent training to follow your career path. You need to have an implementation strategy to plan your career. You can make a chart in which you can note the dates of study, training pattern, and skills you have developed for a particular career.

All the above aspects guide you for choosing a right career as well as planning for it. You may choose roles in your career and pursue it for a long-term. Accept it that you will experience both difficulties and enjoyable moments in your career. Remember, where there is a will, there is a way. Being positive in approach and disciplined will make your career path easy to tread on.