The Future of Careers

In our parents’ time, joining the public sector ensured job security and perpetual employment (till retirement). Most of our parent’s generation stuck to one company throughout their working life. The economy was stable and upheavals were rare and contained.

During my time, doing MBA from one of the leading Business Schools in India and then getting into a multinational was the rage and we would stick with a company for a minimum of 3 years, and changed jobs maybe 6-10 times in a career spanning 40 years. During the mid life crisis, we would contemplate an alternate career maybe in the social sector or the entrepreneur bug would bite us. The economic upheavals were more frequent, and the impact could create job deficits and layoffs. However, most organisations still believed in 3-5 year plans. We could also sense the trends and change our profile accordingly to remain employed

In the next generation of employees, the economic upheavals will be more frequent and the impact on the jobs would be more severe.

  1. Organisations cannot come up with a strategy beyond a year, as the trend cannot be predicted, due to disruptions of technology and the economy as well as ‘black swans’
  2. Companies will therefore start projects in marketing, sales and production and then shut them down if the expected results do not come through or if there is a cash crunch
  3. Companies will outsource most of the humdrum activities like payroll, administration, even some aspects of sales and production, if these activities do not have any competitive advantage or are commoditised with no value-add
  4. There will be more inorganic growth by mergers and acquisitions
  5. Companies need to have flexibility in size and operations. This means that the workforce will always have a mix of permanent employees and consultants

We will therefore sometimes be unemployed and sometimes work as a consultant. Reality is that no company can guarantee permanent employment nor are they compelled to. If the market is down and the supply of MBAs is large, we have to accept what is given, else our pride will keep us unemployed.

This creates psychological issues, as our beliefs are governed by our parents’ beliefs – that permanent employment is good. There is a stigma attached to temporary jobs or being a consultant.

We have to accept that we may not get permanent employment. Acceptance is important and allows us to move on.

We should therefore:

  1. Invest in government backed investments like Public Provident Fund for long term capital creation
  2. Create and keep a stash equal to one year’s salary as an emergency fund
  3. In our CV, focus on what we know, learnt and achieved, not what designations we held
  4. Be ready to change jobs and locations, leaving the family behind
  5. Invest in skills that can provide additional employment including transferable skills
  6. Create and use skills that can keep you self-employed (be it music, teaching or something…) and keep the home fires burning, children’s education taken care of
  7. Be mentally prepared to move sideways, not necessarily upwards
  8. Build and maintain your network

Top Tips to Stay Successful In Audiology Career

Audiologists play a pivotal role in offering help to people who are experiencing era related issues and hearing disabilities. They are experts in testing the patients experiencing hearing challenges and low levels of hearing, to perform the diagnosis to identify the reason behind such issues. They then make sure that the right kind of treatment is prescribed and suggestions for enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

Scope for audiology jobs

One can find a lot of audiology jobs in the job market, as this job position has plenty of scope for career growth and can be greatly rewarding. This is because more number of people are affected by hearing issues owing to the sound pollution and exposure to loud sounds regularly. As an audiologist, a person would be expected to test the hearing level of the patients and diagnose the treatment for rectifying the hearing related problems. However to land in a perfect audiology job and to stay successful, it is important for you to remember few tips that are essential to be followed in this career.

Educational qualification for an audiologist

In order to choose the best one from the wide range of audiology jobs Houston, you must have completed an AuD program or have a PhD. Even if you don’t have an UG degree in a medical field you are eligible, as you must be an undergraduate on anatomy, math or science. The graduates in speech pathology can apply for this job position, if you hold an UG degree in the same filed. For those who to practice audiology in the US, must opt for the graduate program, which has the accreditation by the ASHA or American Speech language Hearing Association.

Choose a best training program

In order to qualify for the best Houston audiology jobs, make sure that you enroll in a perfect training program offered by a well known institution to be prepared for embracing the career in audiology. When you take up their training and recognition program, you would be able to improve your skills and be confident of attaining your audiology career goals. With the strenuous training, you will be able to work efficiently as a team and perform well for many years.

Have best supervised clinical practice

It is important for you to opt for a perfect clinical practice that is supervised by experts to stay a successful as an audiologist. You will have to spend a lot of time in the testing labs and perform diagnosis to solve the issues and concerns of the patients. When you have good years of such clinical practice, you will be able to love the job you do as an audiologist and can be one among the teams in the inspirational environment of a healthcare center. At the end of the training and practice session, you will receive a certificate of completion to acknowledge that you are a potential candidate.

High remuneration

When you are fully qualified and trained, you can choose the right audiology job that offers good remuneration for first class audiologists. You can also find a perfect job role with plump salary package with added benefits. You will have access to several potential audiology job opportunities and you can choose a position offered by a premier healthcare center.

Be your own boss

With best training and years of clinical practice, you will have the ability to run your own office and manage a huge team of ENT team. This way, you will get continuous support and can widen your network easily.